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The Baby Boomers: Rewriting the Rules of Retirement Retirement

About This Course

This is a Nationwide Symposium Series and the First-of-its-Kind Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) addressing the topic of Aging and the Baby Boomers, focusing on the many ways that the very concept of retirement is being reframed and the traditional rules of the game are being rewritten by a population of some 75 million plus. This generation is active, conscious – if not passionate – about their lifestyle choices, pro-active in addressing their health issues, and oftentimes financially stretched. This initiative will create a novel educational resource that will provide information and advice on the most important issues Baby Boomerse face.

As part of the project, we will be producing a series of symposia in addition to a sequence of university online courses addressing Aging, the Baby Boomers and Retirement (with lessons for younger generations). The online courses will draw from the content discussed and debated during the symposia series to be co-hosted by The George Washington University and a consortium of university and academic partners during 2015 and 2016. Symposia are planned to begin Fall/Winter, 2015"

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For sponsor/partner queries, please contact: Paul Schiff Berman, Vice Provost for Online Education and Academic Innovation:

Course Team

The course team will consist of scholars and other experts from leading universities and think tanks such as GW, Princeton, MIT, Stanford, the Brookings Institute and the Urban Institute along with senior policy officials and representatives from government agencies involved in shaping public policies impacting an aging U.S. population.

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